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We understand that your budget is very limited.  As such, we have made every effort to make this training platform as affordable as possible.  As you will note below, the Company-Wide Annual Subscription is an exceptional value.  Owners with large portfolios will also receive an additional modest 'volume discount' based on the number of properties onboarded at the onset of the subscription period.

Every learner will have access to their transcript, providing a detailed listing of all of their completed courses over time.  And managers will have the ability to monitor their staff's progress in achieving their training goals.

For the Company-Wide Annual Subscription, a one-time setup fee will be incurred to establish your private-branded site within the system and to onboard the initial users.  Please contact us for a customized price estimate specific to the size of your staff.

The AHTA course catalogue continues to expand with each passing month.  Do you want to review the current course catalogue?  If so, click here to find a time for us to connect.  After a brief conversation where we discuss your training needs, will will forward to you the most current AHTA course listing.


Company-Wide Annual Subscription

The Company-Wide AHTA Annual Subscription is an outstanding value, delivering the absolute lowest cost possible per learner.  Learners gain access to the full AHTA Subscription Bundle for a 12-month period.  The AHTA platform is optimized to allow owners and managers of affordable housing portfolios to cost effectively onboard and train its staff. 


$250 per Learner for 12-month subscription


  • Content available online, on demand and on any device

  • Private branded website with dedicated URL -- will look and feel like your own training platform!

  • Ability to upload your own custom content to create customized learning paths

  • No additional costs if one staff member leaves and another is hired -- new staff member is able to gain access to system for the balance of the remaining subscription period

A La Carte Access

Pay as you go!  Admittedly, this isn't the 'best deal' compared to our annual subscription options, but most of the AHTA content is available on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Use the 'shopping cart' to purchase items via credit card.  NOTE:  Not all courses are available via the a la carte option. For example, our primary Fair Housing courses are ONLY available via the AHTA Subscription Bundle.


Varies with items purchased -- browse the Public Catalog from the AHTA Public Learning Platform to view a la carte pricing for each course

Single User Annual Subscription

A single user has the ability to subscribe to the AHTA platform for a full 12-month period, granting access to all of the content available in the AHTA Subscription Bundle. Designed for cost-effective access to a large collection of coursework for newcomers to the affordable housing industry.  This is a great option for a learner in need of training, where the company is not yet prepared to become a company-wide subscriber of AHTA.


$575 per Learner for a 12-month subscription

Private-Branded Training Platform for Trade Associations

Do you manage a housing-related trade association that is focused on the affordable housing industry?  If so, AHTA can offer your members access to on-demand training from the AHTA course catalog.  This is a great way to deliver additional value to your clients!

Contact us and we can discuss and explore your needs!

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