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Our course offerings deliver self-paced eLearning courses that are available 24/7 on your smart phone, tablet or computer.  We have engaged best-in-class content providers in assembling our our catalog of courses that encompass a wide range of categories (described below).  

AHTA content is rapidly expanding each passing month, delivering fresh content on a regular basis. Want to review the detailed listing of all coursework currently available today?  Please click here to schedule a call with AHTA's friendly staff to discuss your training needs and afterwards we will forward the up-to-the-minute course catalog to you.

Below please find a brief description of the broad categories encompassed on the AHTA platform.

FHI Roadmap.png

Fair Housing Training

MUST HAVE TRAINING and our most popular offering!  Every member of your team needs to receive regular training on fair housing.  Site managers, service technicians, leasing agents...every member of your team that may potentially come into contact with residents or prospective residents needs this training (even central office staff!).

Developed by a fair housing attorney with decades of experience training, advising and litigating, content is offered through a special arrangement with the Fair Housing Institute, and represents four hours of coursework with a test.


This fair housing training alone is worth the price of the annual subscription fee!

Key courses available online include:

  • The Basics of Fair Housing

  • Fair Housing for Maintenance Professionals

  • Fair Housing in a Flash

  • Fair Housing and Seniors

FHI Logo.png

Fair Housing Institute

Founded in 2005, the Fair Housing Institute is the premier provider in the country in delivering quality fair housing training.  AHTA is proud to deliver the FHI content under a special licensing agreement.


Regulatory Compliance Training

AHTA is very proud to be offering the well-recognized '42U' training curriculum that delivers 20 hours of coursework across 17* sessions providing in-depth training on regulatory compliance (with a focus on the LIHTC program).  This is one of the best online trainings available for affordable housing managers on the market as it provides great instruction and is thoughtfully presented.  

This coursework is offered by Karen Graham, a nationally-recognized expert on regulatory compliance.

Key courses available online include:

  • LIHTC Program Introduction

  • LIHTC Six Key Management Requirements

  • LIHTC Prepare for an Audit

  • LIHTC Application and Verification Process

  • LIHTC Household Composition

  • LIHTC Full-Time Students

  • LIHTC Income Overview

  • LIHTC Assets Overview

* initially, 8 sessions available online with remaining deployed in coming months (in process of being updated)


Karen Graham

Karen offers 30+ years experience in the affordable housing industry, and holds the designations of Certified Property Manager (CPM®), Housing CreditCertified Professional (HCCP) & Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM). She is a nationally-recognized leader and trainer within the LIHTC industry.


Service Technician Training (Site Maintenance)

The multimeter is the most important tool in the toolbelt of a service technician.  A multimeter (if used appropriately) can enable a service technician to efficiently troubleshoot appliances, HVAC or any electrical components.

Mark Cukro (one of the most prominent service technician trainers in the multifamily industry) demonstrates how to use a multimeter to test capacitors, fan relays, switches, heating elements among and other items. Mark's training will almost certainly improve the effectiveness of your service technicians and can save your property money.

Key courses available online include:

  • Digital Multimeter Basics and Electrical Component Testing

  • Frontline Heroes and the Relationship with Onsite Teams

  • Mastering Your Maintenance Routine

  • A weekly 5-minute safety discussion* (50 per year)

Mark Cukro.jpeg

Mark Cukro

Mark is one of the most prominent trainers in the country focusing on service teams and is a regular presenter at NAA-sponsored events.  Mark is owner of ServiceTeam Training and his certifications include CAPS, CAMT1, CAMTII, EPA Proctor for HVAC/CFC 608 and 609 Certifications.

Site Management

Series of coursework including Property Management 101 / 201 offering an introduction to the basic nuts and bolts of property management and marketing. Also includes basic budgeting, reading financials and other important skills for the on-site property manager.

 Self Care and Wellness

Trainings focused on personal wellness, emotional well being, work / life balance and managing stress.

HR Compliance

Coursework covering basic human resource training requirements for staff, such as sexual harassment, ethics and conflicts of interest trainings.   


Coursework providing introductory to intermediate trainings on technology basics, including email, MS Word, MS Excel and other basic programs. Also addresses best practices for staff to minimize cyber security threats.

Personal Safety

Includes drug and gang awareness, along with defensive measures to safely show units.

Risk Management

Trainings to help minimize property or workplace risks for the benefit of staff and residents alike.

Personal and Professional Development

Courses helping to build skills around improved communication when interacting with others. Also focused on building strong technical skills including contract negotiations, reading financials, building operating budgets, etc.  

Resident Engagement

Coursework focused on dealing with difficult residents, de-escalation techniques and best practices for resident engagement.

Leadership Development

 This series of coursework helps emerging leaders to grow into supervisory positions such as Area or Regional Mangers. Includes effective interview techniques, building a talent pool and how to motivate staff. Led by Dr. Debbie Philips.

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