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Symposium Explores How to Build a Corporate Culture Promoting Learning and Growth

Sep 7, 2022

Dr. Debbie Phillips facilitates successful AHTA Symposium in Columbus, Ohio

(Columbus, Ohio) -- The Affordable Housing Training Academy (AHTA), hosted a Symposium in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.  Dr. Debbie Phillips (The Quadrillion Group) professionally facilitated this symposium where a number of important topics were discussed, including how to build a culture that embraces ongoing growth and professional development.  Dr. Phillips also led a conversation around how to effectively develop and attract new talent to your organization.  “Companies with strategy-driven integrated talent management functions have significant advantages over their siloed counterparts. When talent is grown organically, there is increased likelihood for talent retention and employee engagement”, says Dr. Phillips. 

Additionally, exercises were conducted to provide insight as to what new content AHTA should deliver as part of the planning process for 2023 and beyond.  Melanie Shapiro, OCCH’s Director of Compliance and Training noted “AHTA staff walked away from this Symposium with great insights as to what trainings we need to develop for the coming year”.  As result of the input received from the Symposium participants, AHTA is expanding its course offerings to include several new focus areas to meet the growing needs of its clients. 

Original focus areas for AHTA content included: 

  • Fair Housing Training

  • Regulatory Compliance Training

  • Service Technician Training

  • Basics of Property Management

  • Safety

Expanded focus areas for future AHTA content development now includes: 

  • Leadership Training  

  • Professional Development 

  • Personal Development and Self Care 

  • Resident Engagement Training 

  • Technology Training 

  • HR Management Training 

AHTA staff will be working aggressively over the next six months to build or acquire content to build out the courses available within these new focus areas. 

About Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) 

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) is an independent, non-profit corporation created in 1989. OCCH has raised over $5.9 billion in corporate equity for LIHTC projects involving more than 1,025 transactions and 60,000 units of affordable housing in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee. OCCH has an affiliated property management and supportive services organization, Community Properties of Ohio Management Services, a lending subsidiary, Ohio Capital Finance Corporation, a certified Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) and a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati and a philanthropic affiliate, Ohio Capital Impact Corporation. OCCH is an endorsed business of the Ohio Bankers League and the Kentucky Bankers Association.  More information can be found at

About Affordable Housing Training Academy (AHTA) 

Located in Columbus, Ohio, AHTA is a wholly owned affiliate of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing delivering high quality content on-demand and online to affordable housing practitioners across the nation.  AHTA partners with the nation’s leading content providers to deliver best-in-class trainings covering a wide range of topics, including fair housing, regulatory compliance, service technician trainings, property management trainings, leadership training, personal safety, technology training and tactics to successfully engage residents, to name a few.  More information can be found at

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